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When ATI Specialty Alloys & Components began innovating specialty alloys more than 50 years ago, we were the first U.S. company to handle all aspects of refractory metal production, and we have been the leader ever since. We introduced such firsts to the industry as commercial high-purity hafnium; niobium alloy for the Apollo space program; Zircadyne® Zirconium for the chemical processing industry; niobium-titanium alloys for MRI applications, and more. Today, we continue leading the way with a wide range of specialty alloys in all conventional product forms. Our finishing and machining operations also produce many custom shapes and near-net shape components. 

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If you share our passion for working with some of the world’s most amazing customers - companies that want to do the impossible, who every day take on challenges to for further, we should talkATI is a place to work on stuff that matters. To constantly grow and develop your own expertise and talents, too. We work as a team, with hands-on problem solvers who don't shy away from and are motivated by challenges. 
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