A Military Friendly OrganizATIon

ATI is critical to U.S. national security, and the defense market is critical to ATI's strategy. With annual revenues of nearly $400 million helping the U.S. Armed Services and International Defense Allies achieve their mission, our work on  hypersonic, propulsion, protection and UUV systems helps power and protect in the air, on the land, and in the sea. 

And our Veteran workforce takes pride in making an impact and helping us achieve these goals. We have a formal company-wide strategy and commitment to the recruitment, career development and retention of Veterans and the extended military community. We value the contributions of our military community members and recognize the technical and leadership skills earned through the devotion to our company and country. Through this teamwork, we continue to work toward achieving our vision of Solving the World's Challenges through Materials Science.

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ATI is proud to be a Military Friendly employer.

ATI was named to the 2020 Defense News Top 100 ranking as an indicator of our importance to the market.
Learn more about ATI's materials and components that are integral to a broad range of Defense programs that project power and provide National Security.
  Click here for our ATI Defense Fact Sheet.  
Click here for our Military Friendly OrganizATIon Fact Sheet.  

"If we're able to use our technologies and materials to enable the U.S. war
fighter to do their job better, more efficiently, cheaper, that feels good."
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ATI is Proven to Perform in the Defense industry: The Department of Defense exists to provide national security for the United States. They need to project power. They need to protect our people. And to do that, they design programs and systems that have to perform better than anybody's in the world. And they need things that can fly faster, that can perform higher temperatures that have very high strength and have protection systems that protect our people. And ATI is a company that has materials and components to provide those solutions. 

In 2019, three of our leaders spent 40 hours onboard the USS Roosevelt to understand firsthand how our materials are critical to the Navy's mission - and why have to be as good as we can possibly be. Click here to watch a video about their experience.

ATI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you require a reasonable accommodation to complete this application, please contact (412) 394-2991 for ADA assistance. 

For application issues or questions, please email ATICareersHelp@ATImaterials.com.

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