Empowering the Next GenerATIon

The next generation of innovators are finding their inspiration sparked at ATI.  

Backenridge, PA: Six students from the June 2022 graduating class of Greensburg's Triangle Tech Institute experienced a day in the life of electrical maintenance and systems repairs technicians at our Brackenridge, PA facility. The students toured the location, including our Hot Rolling Process Facility, and had lunch with the team to learn more about their commitment to delivering the proven performance our partners demand.

Washington, PA: Four high school students, also participants in the First Robotics Competition at California University, also recently toured our Washington facility. Guided by tour hosts from the location, the students observed the behind-the-scenes happenings at the specialty rolled products plant.

Muskego, WI: At Manufacturing Inspiration Day in Muskego, WI, the ATI Forged Products team showed students the many career opportunities available at ATI. Students gained firsthand experience making their own "forgings," learning how different materials behave under pressure and within diverse circumstances. It's an important part of how our materials are Proven to Perform in a variety of demanding environments. A special thanks to our team for engaging and coaching the next generATIon! 

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