Specialty Energy

Solar. Wind. Nuclear. Coal. Oil & Gas. CPI/HPI.

Whatever its form, the energy we use every day passes through challenging stages of exploration, transport, processing and conversion before it can light our cities and take us to work. ATI specialty materials and components are a vital part of the solutions that help reduce GHG emissions around the world while meeting the grueling technical challenges, keeping the lights on and the wheels turning.

Oil & Gas

We supply high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials for challenging exploration and drilling environments. Learn More

Chemical & Hydrocarbon Processing Industries (CPI/HPI)

From alloys and zirconium products to titanium castings for pumps and valves, our materials are built to withstand the high-wear conditions of chemical processing plants and refineries. Learn More

Power Generation

Our products are at the core of the world’s natural gas, coal, and nuclear power plants, as well as renewable generation sources. Learn More

Technical Services

Following a systematic engineering approach, ATI’s full-service Failure Analysis provides a thorough laboratory analysis, detailed explanation of the failure cause, practical advice and guidance for failure prevention, and expert-witness testimony if necessary. Learn more