ATI Markets

We go where the going gets tough: underground, underwater, high above the earth—everywhere there’s a need for products that make life better. And wherever we go, we make the connection between our materials science expertise and our customers’ needs to meet the toughest demands of temperature, corrosion, and stress.

Strategic Markets


We’re on board … every time you fly. Our materials and components help aircraft manufacturers save fuel, reduce emissions, reach new levels of efficiency and reliability, and safely carry millions of air travelers every single day.

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Our materials and components are integral to a broad range of Defense programs that project power and provide National Security, and our materials science expertise enables the development of next generation Defense systems.

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Diversified Applications

Specialty Energy

Our products are a vital part of solutions that meet the grueling technical challenges of finding, transporting, and processing fuel into energy … to keep the lights on and the wheels turning.

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Our specialty materials are found in diagnostic systems and implantable medical devices, enable the changing of lives for the better every day.

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Consumer Electronics

The devices that shape modern life depend on our products for performance, protection and good looks.

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