Our Vision: Solving the World’s Challenges through Materials Science

At ATI, we're Solving the World's Challenges Through Materials Science.

Our customers are blazing the trail of what’s possible, advancing the world through their incredible products. ATI is proud to be their partner, providing the materials and solutions to make their achievements possible. Together, we’re stretching beyond the boundaries so they can go further and faster – performing in the most extreme conditions. We innovate constantly, improving what we make and pioneering solutions for evermore challenging applications and the environments of tomorrow. We’re thriving where the expectations are great, and the barriers are high. That’s where ATI’s extraordinary capabilities perform the best…and are valued the most. And it’s where we see the largest opportunities for growth.

To that end, we’re committed to attracting, coaching, and retaining only the best. We pledge to meet the needs of all of our customers, and to solve the challenges of the modern world. Future generations will require robust and versatile materials and components produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. Here at ATI, we’re determined to meet that need.

Our materials and components will last for centuries. We’re building a company that will, too.


ATI's commitment to Do What's Right®

We strive to Do What’s Right®, a philosophy at the very core of our values. Relentless Innovation® requires nothing less than the highest standards of ethical business conduct and corporate responsibility. Learn more