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ATI’s internship program empowers students and grows company capabilities.

Robust internship programs are mutually beneficial: they’re advantageous for students, building their professional arsenal and a strong foundation for their careers; and they provide companies with an energetic pool of high potential talent, creating a pipeline for fresh ideas and dedicated employees.

“Interns have the opportunity to experience the work culture while putting their skills and expertise to use in a real setting. They also learn about the company values, interact with colleagues, and get a solid feel for what would be expected of them if they were to sign on as a full-time employee,” affirms Michael Cook, Chief Information Security Officer at ATI.  

ATI’s internship program offers experience in a wide array of business and functional operations from engineering to digital technology. Working on real-time projects and developing soft skills -- like communication and adaptability -- are equally important. Interns also gain in-depth understanding of each ATI business unit and our products, for a hands-on, well-rounded experience.

“Learning what it takes to build the most complex aerospace products and the endless innovation that goes into the industry has given me an interest in working in this industry for years to come,” reflected Brayden Horton, a mechanical engineering major at Penn State University and summer 2023 intern at ATI’s Monaca Operations.

Additionally, another pillar of the program is informal and formal networking. Each plant and location has its own local character, making in-person outings and group interaction an essential feature of the framework. Each facility is specialized, and seeing our processes first-hand through facility tours deepens the connection to ATI. Our enterprise-wide internship program strives to bridge the gap between a macro-level view and being able to visually witness the capabilities and process technologies at play every day. 

“Having interns on our team has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve helped us accelerate efforts to build a solid cybersecurity foundation at ATI with determination to leverage their education and a willingness to learn from the more experienced team members,” attests Cook.

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