The Heart of a Jet

Every time you take off, you’re powered by ATI.

We’re part of every jet engine that flies. 
Worldwide, 12.9 million of us take to the skies every day and hurtle at 550 miles an hour over millions of miles of airspace, with thousands and thousands of takeoffs and landings. 

Modern miracle 
Among the many reasons we take this miracle for granted is the tireless, flawless performance of the modern jet engine. Today’s engines accomplish phenomenal feats: They compress gas at overall pressure ratios of up to 60:1; spin at speeds in excess of 1,000 mph, and operate at internal temperatures up to 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit nearly twice the melting point of the specialty metals of which they’re made. And they do it without fail over a lifetime that can span anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 hours of continuous use before overhaul. 

ATI specialty materials throughout the engine help deliver the performance and reliability customers demand. Nowhere is this more critical than in the heart of the engine, the so-called hot section where heat, pressure and speed are at a maximum. 

Process and chemistry excellence… since the dawn of the Jet Age 
To attain the purity needed for a component that can withstand a lifetime in the hot part of a jet engine, we process nickel alloys with stringent quality controls in atmospheres of inert gas or near-complete vacuum. It’s a technique we pioneered at the dawn of the Jet Age, and it has made us a leader in specialty materials for this application. 

We provide these materials to customers in many forms, whether it’s machining bar, forging billet, finished forgings, HIP-processed powder, or as an additive-manufactured finished component. With processes that eliminate microscopic impurities, we’re able to meet stringent customer specifications for modern materials. And we’re working with customers on the materials and processes of the future, to enable jet engines to operate longer, quieter, and more fuel-efficient than ever, without fail. 

The miracle of human flight is barely a century old. It’s poised to take us to new places in new ways. And specialty materials and components from ATI will continue to help us get there.
We’re hiring proven performers.

Help our customers fly higher, dig deeper, and stand stronger than ever before. For them, failure isn’t an option. For you, the options are many.

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