Deep Dive

Petroleum travels thousands of miles before it gets refined and put into your gas tank … and the journey often starts at the bottom of the sea. 

Our alloys help keep things moving safely. 

Our alloys help transport oil across the ocean floor.  

The gasoline that gets you to the grocery store travels thousands of miles before it gets to your tank. Most likely, it started this journey thousands of feet below the ocean surface. Our specialty stainless and nickel alloys help keep it moving. 

As energy exploration reaches new reserves in far-off, extreme environments, it depends on deepwater pipelines to transport crude oil safely and reliably. We provide large quantities of stainless steel for flexible flowlines and nickel alloys for rigid pipelines that have the strength and durability to perform without fail under extreme heat, pressure and corrosion for up to 50 undersea miles. 

Critical to the pipeline’s integrity is our Hot-Rolling and Processing Facility outside of Pittsburgh, which produces nickel alloy sheet and stainless steel strip cost-effectively and with unmatched precision and consistency. It’s one of the world’s largest, most powerful mills, and it rolls at dizzying speed for fast delivery.
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