Powder Metals

ATI is a technical market leader with advanced capabilities in the production of powder for additive manufacturing. With an extensive catalog of specialty materials, ATI products are second-to-none, and we provide engineering expertise required to support customers in the additive manufacturing marketplace.

ATI is a manufacturer of high-quality powder alloys including nickel, cobalt, iron, copper and titanium alloys, as well as other refractory alloys such as niobium and zirconium.

ATI capabilities include a full range of vacuum induction melting and induction skull melting atomizers designed for titanium, unique refractory alloy production and post processing equipment. ATI has the flexibility to produce small lots for development projects and up to high volume batches for large scale production.

ATI’s specialty materials and complex components are utilized in the most demanding global industries, including aerospace and defense, oil and gas, electrical energy, medical, automotive and other industrial markets requiring the highest performance.

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Powder Metal Advantages

Longer useful life / reduced lifecycle costs

Greater wear resistance and superior high temperature properties

Enhanced UT inspectability

Increased design flexibility

Improved machinability



Process Advantages

Superior cleanliness

Homogeneous microstructure

Free-flowing spherical powder particles

Almost limitless alloying possibilities


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