ATI produces the most comprehensive array of specialty materials in the aerospace industry. Our alloys and materials for the aerospace industry include:

Strong, corrosion resistant, and light-weight titanium is used in today's high-performance, aerospace applications where there is no margin for error.

Titanium and titanium alloys are used in jet engine components, as well as critical airframe applications where high-strength and fracture toughness are necessary. Titanium is also used for fasteners and tubing throughout commercial and military aircraft.

See ATI's commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys for the aerospace industry listed below.

CP Grades

Alloyed Grades

ATI 6-2222™

ATI 10-2-3™

Gamma Ti-Aluminide

ATI's nickel- & cobalt-based alloys & superalloys are used in jet engines components, airframe structures, and other aerospace applications where there is no margin for error and common stainless steels may not provide adequate performance.

Our high-technology melting facilities produce cleaner, highly-alloyed nickel-based and iron-based alloys. These facilities have a wide range of melt and remelt capabilities—Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM), Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD), Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR), and Electroslag Remelting (ESR)—to produce alloy chemistries that meet exacting customer specifications.

See ATI's nickel-, iron- & cobalt-based alloys and superalloys listed below.







ATI produces a wide variety of stainless & specialty steels known for their excellent corrosion and heat resistance. They are found in a full array of stainless steel applications for the aerospace industry, including structural components, landing gear, fire suppression tanks, bellows, and flooring heat panels.

See below to view ATI's stainless alloys for the aerospace industry.





ATI Jethete™ M152

Specialty steels offer excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and strength to perform in the most demanding environments. Specialty steels are used for engine shafts, landing gear, and other critical applications for aerospace components.

See list below to view ATI's specialty steels for the aerospace industry:

ATI FV535™

ATI FV448™

ATI FV607™




ATI 1841™


Niobium is another example of ATI's large portfolio of products for the aerospace industry. Niobium is used for nozzles, as well as fasteners and rivets. Our niobium process yields metal of the highest purity on the market today.

Niobium-titanium is well suited for applications involved with superconductivity. Our Huntsville, Alabama site was designed specifically for that purpose. Its principal products include niobium-titanium alloy rod and niobium-titanium rivet-grade wire used in the aerospace industry. Protective surfaces on all machinery and handling equipment enable the Huntsville plant to maintain high yields and unparalleled metallurgical and surface qualities.

See list below to view ATI's niobium alloys for the aerospace industry:

ATI supplies powder and powder metal near-net shape products to the aerospace industry. Our powders include titanium, titanium aluminides, and nickel- & cobalt-based alloys and superalloys.

Enabling Additive Manufacturing

ATI's powder metals enable additive manufacturing, including both electron beam (EBM) and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).

Additive manufacturing is an emerging technology that builds complex, near-net shape parts for a variety of applications, such as aero engine blades and aerospace components. The primary advantages are improved buy-to-fly ratios and elimination of tooling.

ATI has applied its extensive powder metallurgy experience to produce the next-generation of TiAl alloys and powders.

Key advantages of these powders include:

  • Fine grain size
  • Excellent micro and macro chemical homogeneity
  • Extensive alloying combinations

ATI produces its advanced alloys and materials in a wide range of semi-fabricated product forms. Our products possess unique and valuable properties, such as corrosion and heat resistance, lightweight, strength and hardness, and formability and malleability.

Our semi-fabricated products include:

ATI's long product forms include:

  • Ingot
  • Billet
  • Bar
  • Coil
  • Rod
  • Wire
  • Custom-Rolled Shapes
  • Rectangles
  • TREX - Tube Reduced Extrusion
  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Coil
  • Precision Rolled Strip®

In addition to ATI's leadership in titanium, superalloys and other specialty materials, we also produce net-shapes and components for commercial and military fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft and the fuel-efficient engines that power them.

Our highly-engineered and technically-complex forgings, castings, powder metal products, and machined components are used in critical applications that must be able to withstand fatigue, heat, corrosion.


We produce many of the most technologically advanced forgings in the world for a variety of demanding applications, such as hot-section components for jet engines and structural components for commercial and defense aircraft, helicopters, launch vehicles and more.

Powder Metal Parts

ATI is a fully integrated in the development and production of high-performance, near-net-shape powder metal products and materials for jet engines, airframe parts, rocket engines and other aerospace applications.

Flow Forming

An advanced, cold metal forming process used to manufacture dimensionally precise, thin wall, seamless, round, hollow components.

Benefits of Flow Forming

  • Net-shaping forming, reduces material waste
  • Economical alternative to machining bar and/or heavy wall forgings

All flowformed pieces have:

  • Refined microstructure
  • Tailored cold worked properties
  • Extremely concentric wall thicknesses
  • No seams or welds

Flowformed pieces can have:

  • Varying wall thicknesses
  • Thin walls regardless of diameters
  • Large length to diameter ratios

ATI provides a comprehensive network of machining and subassembly capabilities that convert forged, cast, and extruded shapes into application-ready components and parts, providing a final link in the secure ATI supply chain.

ATI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Our machining and finishing capabilities are focused on titanium, nickel-based alloys and other high-performance metals used for airframe structures, rotating engine disks, landing gear, and other critical applications found in commercial and military fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, as well as the fuel-efficient engines that power them.

Our capabilities include:

  • Machining & Subassembly
  • Precision Machining
  • Sonic Configuration Machining
  • Boring, Turning & Finishing
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Multi-Axis Water Jet Cutting
  • Metallurgical Laboratory Services

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