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One ATI: Right People, Right Time

One ATI: The Destination
 One ATI: Winning Together
“If you have a strategy you believe in, you better build a structure that drives it and put the best people you can have in that structure,” said Bob Wetherbee, ATI’s Executive Chairman as Kim Fields becomes CEO on July 1.

“I’ve not seen a team that executes as well as the team we have here at ATI,” said Kim. “Now, our focus is going to be around growth.” 

He’s built a leadership team and a vision of “One ATI…" As Bob Wetherbee becomes Executive Chairman of the ATI Board, our leadership team shares the legacies he leaves behind.

Thank you, Bob, for asking “what would have to be true to be successful?” and showing us how to find the answers. Thanks to you, ATI – and our team – is positioned for long-term success.

​​“We’re all presented with situations where you can step back and wait for others or step up and raise your hand,” said ATI CEO Kim Fields.

Hear the ATI leadership team’s perspective on how Kim Fields has moved from operations to leading us to win as One ATI.

Creating Avenues
Saving Lives Starts With Melting
Training For the Future
Facing historic demand for titanium as the aerospace industry ramps and seeks to diversify its supply away from Russian sources, ATI responded quickly by restarting its 34th Avenue Operations in Albany, OR.
Confluent made a significant investment in ATI to secure supply of life-saving Nitinol.
​​ATI partnered with the United Steelworkers to train employees to do their jobs safer, smarter and faster.
Recent Stories 

Ten Years Rolling Strong.

From melt to finish, HRPF plays a strong roll in producing specialty materials. ATI’s Hot Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF) plays a crucial “roll” in metal processing technology.
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Smooth Landings, Big Impact.

Desert sand dunes. Snowy mountainous terrain. Aircraft carriers at sea. Successfully landing a military helicopter in challenging conditions is no small feat.
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Inside the Engine of the Body

ATI is best known for producing the materials at the heart of airplane jet engines. But did you know that our materials also help to solve the challenge, keeping the beat from the human body’s “engine?”
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The Future of ATI Vandergrift is Bright

ATI builds on its specialty rolling foundation in Western Pennsylvania.
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Fight and Flight

The forces of flight are an intense challenge for aircraft design – weight, drag and turbulence work simultaneously to stress the design and structure of the airframe.
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The Perfect (Hemi)Sphere

The Deepest Dive in History. The World’s First Repeated Dives to Full Ocean Depths. These records held by the TRITON 36,000/2 submersible were made possible by ATI Forged Products’ materials science expertise.
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It all hangs on our forgings.

A heavy-lift military helicopter can hoist a combat vehicle into the air, carry it 50 miles, and stick the landing perfectly. Our forgings give its rotor hub assembly the incredible strength and durability it needs for the mission. 
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Proven to Perform at Mach 32 and Beyond

ATI will be a critical part of NASA’s Artemis I mission when it’s “all systems go” at Launchpad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 
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In the News

ATI's $1.2B hot strip mill in Harrison marks 10 years, remains world's most powerful, company says

Today, operations are fully automated inside the Hot Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF), a $1.2 billion plant marking 10 years in Harrison along the border with Brackenridge. It’s the heart of ATI’s Specialty Rolled Products division.Read More

Dallas executive Kimberly Fields to take reins at ATI

ATI will have new leadership July 1. Kimberly Fields will assume the role of CEO to replace Robert Wetherbee, head of the specialty metals company since 2018. Read More

See how ATI Vandergrift makes a mile-long sheet of steel

ATI’s state-of-the-art advanced materials finishing operation turns out specialty steel that can withstand high temperatures and high stress and can be used to construct everything from airplanes to pipelines to spaceships. Read More


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